Kata Geibl

2023    Prometheus
2022    See Daylight
2022    There is Nothing New Under the Sun
2018    Sisyphus
2017     Uncanny Valley
2016     Red, White, Green

2019-   Collaborations / Commissions
2018-   Installation Views

Kata Geibl (1989, Budapest) is a photographer living and working in Budapest. Her work is mainly focused on global issues, capitalism, the Anthropocene, and the ambiguities of the photographic medium. Read more...

For commissions, portfolio or any other request, please use the contact details below.
Phone: +36 30 830 60 85
Email: geiblkata@gmail.com


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Red, White, Green

The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 which later grew into a war for independece from the Austrian Empire started on March 15. On this day a mass demonstration was held in front of the National Museum and revolutionaries like famous poet Sándor Petőfi marched through Pest.

Nowdays March 15 is one of the biggest national holidays. In elementary school and later in high school children always recreate the historical events in a performance. As a child I was always wondering why I don’t have any particular feelings about this event, so I started my research what really happened on this day in 1848. The series was shot only on March 15 in 2017, recreating the events and playing with collective memories and my own.